Gung Ho! By Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles Harper Collins Business

From a classic story about a plant called Walton Works #2 .Based on three core ideas: work must be seen as important, workers must be in control of their own production, and managers must cheer workers on
Wisdom in a Nutshell from The Spirit of the Squirrel:

First, the work has to be understood as important.
Second, it has to lead to a well-understood and shared goal
Third, values have to guide all plans, decisions, and actions.

Two types of goals: Goals are set. Values are lived.
Result goals – Statements set out where we want to be, whether in terms of units finished, shipped, or accounts collected.
Value goals – Statements that set the impact we want to have on the lives of our team members, our customers, our suppliers, and our community.
The Spirit of the Squirrel

Worthwhile Work -Knowing we make the world a better place.

It’s the understanding, not the work.
It’s how the work helps others, not units dealt with.
Result: self-esteem – an emotion whose power ranks right up there with love and hate
Everyone works toward a shared goal.

The Way of the Beaver -In Control of Achieving the Goal

The Way of the Beaver describes the individual’s relationship to the organization, from two sides. The first side was the individual taking charge, while the other was the organization allowing and encouraging individuals to do so. Peggy learned these key insights while observing beavers at work in the pond behind Andy’s cabin. The beavers respected each other. They left branches laid by other beavers where they were. People in an organization need to emulate how beavers respect each other and do not rip apart others’ hard work.

The Gift of the Goose -Cheering Each Other On-Enthusiasm.

At the finishing department, a loudspeaker would announce “Shipping M317 at 100, on time for $12,750”, and a loud cheer from the workers would go up. It was a very specific and public congratulations to note that job order M317 was shipped on time, was 100% perfect, and the plant took in $12,750 of revenue.

You need A playing field with clearly marked territory
Your attitude will reflect on everyone else
It is not honest hard work if you are enjoying it