Transform your life- 25 steps

Summary by Anilkumar -Sri Sri Ravishankar on how to transfor your life -The Week 31 Dec 2006

1 Review the context of your life
2 Know life’s impermanence
3 Make your smile cheaper
4 Be enthusiastic and praise others
5 Make meditation a part of your life
6 Go to the most beautiful place
7 Communicate effectively
8 Take out time for yourself
9 Better the world around you
10Nourish your emotions
11 Plan short and long-term goals
12 Prayer is a vital tool
13 Implement changes if needed
14 Identify your limitations
15 Do not lose your friends
16 Don’t look for perfection
17 Let us be unpredictable
18 Have a sense of humour
19 Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
20 Overcome your prejudice
21 Feel that “I am blessed”
22 Do random acts of kindness
23 Be a student, always
24 Dream the impossible
25 Compare your performance

You correct someone’s mistake because it bothers you. But even if you correct it, this does not work. You correct someone’s mistake not because it bothers you, but for their sake so that they can grow.