Reach your Goals- tips by sonipitts

Extracts from 50 Ways To Reach Your Goals,
A collection of ideas, tips, hints and other creative ways to help you achieve the success you desire.

Step 1 – Create a vision of your ideal future
Step 2 – Create goals from your vision
Step 3 – Write SMART goals Specific,Measurable,Achievable,Realistic,Timely
Step 4 – Identify obstacles
Step 5 – Create plans (also known as enabling goals or objectives) to counter each obstacle.

Set up a goal-tracking chart that allows you to see where you’re at on any particular goal – and what you still need to do
Periodically re-check and refine (or redefine) your goals
Visualize success, and what you’ll do to reward yourself
Get your act together-compose-compile
Get motivated
Measure twice, cut once
Keep a progress journal or scrapbook
Go surfing for information
Keep fit- Physically mentally and spirtually

Start a “round robin” goal letter with others who need a little motivation and accountability-inspiration and ideas to borrow from and give out
Hold a “progressive” goal party- it will inspire and motivate to achive further milestones
Join a support group, or form one yourself if none exists, Put together group of seasoned mariners can often offer aid and assistance regarding sandbars,

currents and other such hazards.
Join a class, Group, Association , herd with like minded , same focussed individuals
Goal-pool with friends or acquaintances, who could together further goals , better bigger and easier- synergy
Delegate your life.. outsource or insource– do those things that are most important FIRST, Yourself
Get professional help.. do not be shy to ask, for people are always willing to help
Bring in the big guns.. Put in your best

Create a network . for ideas and assistance
Tell your friends what you are doing, to make it harder to back out
Break it up .so that you can tackle easily and see lots of smaller wins in battles leading to winning the war
Multi-task goal-completion work with everyday, “have to” activities
Work while you quibble
Choose “impossible” goals . Stretch -Aim at the stars
If you’re having persistent trouble reaching your goal, spend some time making sure you really want what you’re fighting for
Get away from your goals for a while. do not keep your mind cluttered and busy all the time.
Temp your way to the top
Fake it ‘til you make it.
Perfect the fine art of the end run
Take a page from Eastern wisdom, Look at alternate theories and therapies

Become a mentor or leader in the field
The kings and queens of any field don’t get there by cutting corners and letting others do their share of the work.
Burn your bridges
Find a higher reason to reach your goal than just the goal itself
Create an environment that is so inspiring and nurturing that it does half the work for you
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere and energy of your goal by volunteering
Maintain your spiritual strength and call on your higher power for help and guidance in times of need
Create a truth and step into it
Never settle for what you can currently imagine

Make a game out of reaching your goals
Friendly competition
Play Family Feud!Every household has its own internal rivalries and competition.why not use it to your advantage?
Choose a personal theme song and soundtrack that stirs you and refocuses you on your goal
Go out dancing ensuring that you’ll have the stamina and mental acuity to do what needs doing,
Have a therapeutic meltdown Get up and stomp and rant. Make it good, using up all those swear words you swore you’d save for a real emergency.
Use birthdays and other gift-giving holidays to help reach your goals- Target Milestones
Clown around
Give yourself a gold star -apply the psychological boost to your goal-based activities today!
Have a “Pitch Party”-Keep nothing in your new life from your old life that brings you down,
holds you back or detracts from your success.

Once you’ve made it…throw a Success Shindig!
Make it easy on the next guy -Share the experience and learnings
Take a vacation -enjoy,REWARD your body mind and soul
Give back – thank the society -help the community
Create wealth- for you and the generations to come


The Leader’s Seven Essential Behaviors

The Discipline of Getting Things Done By Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan

Know Your People and Your Business.
Insist on Realism.
Set Clear Goals and Priorities.
Follow Through.
Reward the Doers.
Expand People’s Capabilities through Coaching.
Know Yourself.

Set the targets: Keep your targets realistic. Base them on track records and histories.
Develop action and contingency plans: Study the possible outcomes that might leave the company most vulnerable and base your contingency plan on that. In other words, plan for the worst.
Get agreement and closure from all participants: Communicate agreed-upon goals to the people concerned after the meeting, to reiterate your expectations and what they promised to deliver

Dozen steps for success in life

First, you must form a correct conception of how you wish to develop and perfect yourself. You must cultivate a clear-cut idea of what you want to become. This will give you a definite and clear-cut aim in life.

The second important thing is to draw for yourself a wise programme of life to help you to develop along the desired lines and to gradually attain the aim of life A proper understanding of your own mind, its behaviour and habits, and the law that governs the inner activity of the mind become very, very helpful in living this wonderful and interesting period of your life.

Without health you can succeed neither in studies, nor in character-building, nor in sports and social activities, nor in home-life. Health is a matter of careful living. It is got not only from things you eat and drink, but it is also obtained from your wise and careful avoiding of such things that are not good for your health

Never waste your energy in useless pursuits. Give up, all habits that have an adverse effect on health. those drain away your energy.

Be perfectly truthful . Speech must be clean, polite, and joy-giving. Cast away egoism, pride and selfishness.

Never move away from virtue. These principles will be your true friends and helpers. They will assure your progress and ultimately grant you supreme happiness and success

Ask Him for inner strength and guidance. Cultivate constant remembrance of God by seeing His invisible presence in and through all things in this universe around you. God is not some remote reality far away from you. But God is here and now.

Draw strength and inspiration from their lives and teachings. Try to mould your life upon their pattern. Always have a great ideal beforeyour mind.

Out of your life there must flow out ceaseless love, kindness, and compassion. Never hurt anyone. Help Ever.

Even at the cost of your life, never utter falsehood. Never be dishonest in any of your dealings with anyone in this world. Be a person of integrity, of verity

The vexing problems of this modern world, its clashes and conflicts, its greed and exploitation, its hatred and hostilities, its mad craze for selfish acquisition will never cease or be relieved until and unless there is a change of outlook in man towards his neighbours and towards his life around him. Man makes life what it is. And life around man is but a reflection of what he is.

As you think, so you will become, just as you reap what you sow. Your inner thoughts are the seeds of your ultimate destiny. More than all the books that you read and study, more than all your lessons and examinations, more important than everything in life is the cultivation of virtue.


For Quick Evolution of the Human Being
(a) An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory. Practice Yoga, Religion and
Philosophy in daily life and attain Self-realization.
(b)These thirty-two instructions give the essence of the Eternal Religion (Sanatana
Dharma) in its purest form. They are suitable for modern busy householders with fixed hours of
work. Modify them to suit your convenience and increase the period gradually.
(c) In the beginning take only a few practicable resolves which form a small but definite
advance over your present habits and character. In case of ill-health, pressure of work or
unavoidable engagements replace your active Sadhana by frequent remembrance of God.

1. Eat moderately. Take light and simple food. Offer it to God before you eat. Have a
balanced diet.
2. Avoid chilies, garlic, onions, tamarind, etc., as far as possible. Give up tea, coffee,
smoking, betels, meat and wine entirely.
3. Fast on Ekadasi days. Take milk, fruits or roots only.
4. Practice Yoga Asana or physical exercises for fifteen to thirty minutes every day. Take a
long walk or play some vigorous games daily.

5. Observe silence (Mouna) for two hours daily and four to eight hours on Sundays.
6. Observe celibacy according to your age and circumstances. Restrict the indulgence to
once amonth. Decrease it gradually to once a year. Finally take a vow of abstinence for whole life.

7. Speak the TRUTH. Speak little. Speak kindly. Speak sweetly.
8. Do not injure anyone in thought, word or deed. Be kind to all.
9. Be sincere, straightforward and open-hearted in your talks and dealings.
10. Be honest. Earn by the sweat of your brow. Do not accept any money, things or favour
unless earned lawfully. Develop nobility and integrity.
11. Control fits of anger by serenity, patience, love, mercy and tolerance. Forget and
forgive. Adapt yourself to men and events.

12. Live without sugar for a week or month. Give up salt on Sundays.
13. Give up cards, novels, cinemas and clubs. Fly from evil company. Avoid discussions
with materialists. Do not mix with persons who have no faith in God or who criticise your Sadhana.
14. Curtail your wants. Reduce your possessions. Have plain living and high thinking.

15. Doing good to others is the highest religion. Do some selfless service for a few hours
every week, without egoism or expectation of reward. Do your worldly duties in the same spirit.
Work is worship. Dedicate it to God.
16. Give two to ten percent of your income in charity every month. Share what you have
with others. Let the world be your family. Remove selfishness.
17. Be humble and prostrate yourself to all beings mentally. Feel the Divine Presence
everywhere. Give up vanity, pride and hypocrisy.
18. Have unwavering faith in God, the Gita and your Guru. Make a total self-surrender to
God and pray: “Thy Will be done; I want nothing.” Submit to the Divine Will in all events and
happenings with equanimity.
19. See God in all beings and love them as your own Self. Do not hate anyone.
20. Remember God at all times or, at least, on rising from bed, during a pause in work and
before going to bed. Keep a Maala (rosary) in your pocket.

21. Study one chapter or ten to twenty-five verses of the Gita or your scriptures with
meaning, daily. Learn Sanskrit, at least sufficient to understand the Gita in original.
22. Memorise the whole of the Gita, gradually. Keep it always in your pocket.
23. Read the Ramayana, the Bhagavata, the Upanishads, the Yogavasishtha or other
religious books daily or on holidays.
24. Attend religious meetings, Kirtans and Satsanga of saints at every opportunity. Organise
such functions on Sundays or holidays.
25. Visit a temple or place of worship at least once a week and arrange to hold Kirtans or
discourses there.
26. Spend holidays and leave-periods, when possible, in the company of saints or practice
Sadhana at holy places in seclusion.

27. Go to bed early. Get up at four o’clock. Answer calls of nature, clean your mouth and
take a bath.
28. Recite some prayers and Kirtan Dhvanis. Practice Pranayama, Japa and meditation from
five to six o’clock. Sit on Padma, Siddha, or Sukha Asana throughout, without movement, by
gradual practice.
29. Perform the daily Sandhya, Gayatri Japa, Nityakarma and worship, if any.
30. Write your favourite Mantra or Name of God in a notebook for ten to thirty minutes,
31. Sing the Names of God (Kirtan), prayers, Stotras and Bhajans for half to one hour at
night with family and friends.
32. Make annual resolves on the above lines. Regularity, tenacity and fixity are essential.
Record your Sadhana in a spiritual diary daily. Review it every month and correct your failures.

Sufi Story ,good and bad luck

A farmer lived in the days when fighting was going on between small kingdoms in China. This farmer had a son. His son, with the aid of the horse, was tilling a small field. One day the horse ran away.

The neighbors came and said, ‘It’s a very bad thing. You have such bad luck.’ The farmer said, ‘Maybe.’

So the next day the horse came back with half a dozen other wild horses. The neighbors came again and they said, ‘What tremendous luck.’ So he said, ‘Maybe.’

On the third day the son, while trying to ride one of the wild horses, fell and broke his leg. Again, the neighbors came and said what bad luck it was, and the farmer said, ‘Maybe.’

The next day the king’s people came to recruit strong healthy farmers into the army. When they found this farmer’s son with a broken leg they left him alone. So, again, the neighbors came and said it wasn’t such bad luck after all and that everything had turned out well. The farmer said, again,‘Maybe.’