Becoming a Person of Influence

How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others

The power to positively change your life and the lives of others depends on the degree of your influence. For John Maxwell, leadership IS influence. Jim Dornan agrees. Without influence, success is impossible. Famous people like Madonna, John Grisham, Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pablo Picasso and even Adolf Hitler are excellent examples of people with influence.

However, one need not be famous or be in a high-profile position to be a person of influence. Each person, whether he intends it or not, is an influencer. Parents wield influence over their children. Spouses influence each other. Teachers affect the futures of their students. Pastors impact their flocks’ lives. Friends and colleagues you interact with shape your opinions. You influence peers, superiors, and subordinates. As long as you relate with somebody, you are an influencer.

Becoming a person of influence is not an instantaneous process. It takes time, effort, and the practice of certain behaviors. The authors define influence using the following keywords:

Learning these qualities might help in this attepmt.