Quick Tips to Improve Your Position in Life , Make these ‘wise moves’ in LIFE by George Ludwig

1. One Is a Powerful Number. Even ONE person can achieve great things
2. Any Day Can Be Halloween. Celebrate life every moment
3. Discipline: The Critical Denominator Be Punctual so that the goodies come to you in time
4. Fly Straight to Your Destination- by commitment perserverance and determination
5. Get the Hunger PANG .Have thirst and hunger for Success and happiness. U will find it.
6. He Who Laughs, Lasts! Humour and taking things lightly extends your lifespan
7. The Key to Genius is Out of Box thingking. Be creative . Think laterally.
8. Take the First Step. Break Fear psychosisby simply having enough faith to start first step.
9. Peak Performers Focus on Winning , by correcting mistakes and learning from experience
10.The Rapid Results,come from change in posture, breathing, muscle tension, and tonality.
11.Being honest keeps open the door of trust that is necessary to have healthy relationships
12.Have Action plan, right Attitude, extra-high Activity level, and some outstanding Coaching
13. Go Back to School, but Don’t Forget Your Brain. Wisdom is different from knowledge
14.We are all designed to need frequent refueling of our emotional tanks by family and friends
15.there is always a price we must pay, and mostly that price needs to be paid up front
16. Get in Flow ie life is easy when one faces a clear goal requiring predictable responses
17.True leaders demonstrate integrity by example
18.While actions often speak louder than words, words still have the power to change, improve and even save lives
19. You are Never too Old… to be Bold!
20.No person is inwardly peaceful who does not carve out a little time daily for spiritual practice