Survival Is Not Enough,By Seth Godin ,Simon & Schuster, Inc. 2002

Zooming, Evolution, and the Future of Your Company

Change is the new normal.
Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution can be applied as a metaphor for businesses.
Only companies that zoom, or learn to adapt and evolve constantly will survive.
Companies that don’t evolve and make change a normal thing are signing up for their own extinction.
Genes take longer to change over time. Memes, or new ideas, spread at a much faster rate than genes.
Zooming is about constant change, for no particular reason, and with no particular goal.
Zooming is less painful. You gradually breed a new kind of species, instead of forcing one to make a big traumatic change.
Zooming is about stretching your limits by adapting to new ideas, opportunities, and challenges without triggering our inherent human change-avoidance reflex.
Zooming is about adapting small changes over time.
You can practice zooming in everyday life: change your office layout, eat in a different restaurant every weekend, listening to a new CD everyday, read a magazine you’ve never read before, or just do something for the first time, as often as possible.
Normal can be an environment where new memes appear on a regular basis.
Companies that zoom do the same thing but try something just a little bit differently each time.

By Seth Godin ,Simon & Schuster, Inc. 2002