Ten rules for Being HUMAN

These are the rules, If life is a game .. By Chene alter scott.

1.Take care of your BODY, make peace and accept and honour it
2.Listen and learn from the lessons given as gift /guide by life
3.There are not mistakes only lessons- Grow, Learn to forgive, Be compassionate, ethical and humorous
4.Lessons are regularly repeated until you learn properly, and everything that comes to you is because you project it into the world
5.Learning is never ending. learn to surrender, commit, be humble and be adaptable
6.There is no better than here and now. Avoid longing. Be thankful
7.Everyone and everything is a reflection of yourself. You cannot love or have another with doing the same to you. Shift perspective
9.It is up to you to make up your life. You will only have tools and resources and no help or ready-made guide. Stitch in time saves nine
9.All answers to all your problems is readily available inside you. Look listen and learn to trust your conscience
10.Your will forget all of this at birth and have to relearn and unlearn. Keep in touch with people who remember this truth and help you recall.