The Principle-Centered Leadership

Ten Tools for Increasing Your Principle-Centered Power

Principle-centered or legitimate power is based on trust, respect and honor, not fear or coercion. Here are ten tools you can use to increase your honor, and therefore your power, as a leader:

Persuasion . The ability to argue strongly and convincingly about your position while maintaining genuine respect for your followers’ opinions.
Patience. Exercising patience over your followers’ shortcomings, and with the achievement of goals.
Gentleness. Towards the feelings and vulnerabilities of your followers.
Teachableness . Being open to learning new things from your followers.
Acceptance. Accepting instead of judging your followers’ mistakes or imperfections.
Kindness. Being sensitive, caring and thoughtful.
Openness. Being open to possibilities.
Compassionate Confrontation. Making corrections with warmth and concern.
Consistency. Sticking to a personal code based on a solid set of values and principles and always acting based on this.
Integrity. Acting only for the good of others, without a desire to take advantage of them.

Trustworthy, and therefore effective, people usually exhibit the following personal characteristics:

They are continuously learning. They read, watch, observe and learn all the time; they are constantly trying to acquire new knowledge and skills.
They are service-oriented. A genuine sense of responsibility toward others is a natural manifestation of being principle-centered.
They radiate positive energy. Principle-centered people are happy and optimistic; they tend to dissipate negative energy and maintain a positive outlook.
They believe in other people. They believe in the unseen potential of other; they don’t prejudge.
They lead balanced lives. They lead well-rounded lives; they are able to establish a fulfilling career and pursue personal interests while maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with others.
They see life as an adventure. They are not afraid to bust out of their comfort zones in order to try something new, to experience something they have never experienced before; they lead unpredictable, exciting lives.
They are synergistic . They are highly creative; they can come up with synergistic solutions to problems.
They exercise for self-renewal. They develop themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.