First of all you have to buy a ticket before you can win it. Secondly you have to increase your chances, however slim, of winning anything, by adding say intensity or frequency or whatever.So it is with Law of Attraction and visualization.You have to practice it everyday/ all the time everytime to gain anything from it.
Giving your intentions emotions are giving them energy, when you create the energy you have momentum, when you have momentum you create a power, when you have the power you are listened to, when you are listened to you will achieve your goals
If you achieve your financial goals give some back to charity or the community or offer your services free. If you achieve you goal of finding your perfect partner show gratitude by treating your partner and their family the right way Those who give, gather more easily
We all get mixed up in our own worlds, and we all take our world for granted. Take some time to Thank and show gratitude and express kindness and care
When you are in the middle of working toward it and you tell people about it’s current success you mind has decided you have reached your goal and therefore the energy of the intention disappears. It’s because the mind energy for that goal has lost it’s power as it already thinks you have achieved your goal as you are telling everyone how much a success you are.