Emotional Intelligence .

Tune you EQ. IQ is out EQ is in.
BEcome more effective and enjoy better life and add more value.
Recognize and Remember YOU are responsible for your life and your choices. you have alternatives. You choose the response that makes you feel better or worse / happy or sad. Only you can affect your thought and in turn your feelings and reactions. No one else can make you upset or unhappy unless you let them do so by giving away your power.
Be aware of the alternative choices available and your right and ability to exercise your own option and thereby design the course of your life and decide upon you future and determine thelevel of your success and thereby empower yourself for a fresh progressive behaviour to take you in a upward spiral and by practice make it a habbit.
Think twice: The fast track has its obvious attractions. Pay your way to a better quality of life.
Reality check :unless you consistently master the basics you cannot become a master
Learning:always keep yourself grounded by taking a regular refresher courses on basics and
Know who you are, and accept that no one can please everyone all the time
Understand that we’re gifted in ways that stretch far beyond intellect
First do your homeword and prepare and manage yourself before you try to lead others
Your decision to transform yourself is a deep personal choice. It has to be emotional and not just logical.step back and reflect on what you have learnt and where you have come.Focus on what you consider to be under your control.accept that transformation is a process, not an event.make a deep commitment .
Never over indulge and Never do unto others what you do not accept yourself
AT the end of day , it all depends on , how u use the space, between the stimulus, and your response, to make an apt choice, that you take your life to higher levels, each time.
Make best use of Law of attraction as well as allaudin Factor to your advantage