Learn from heroes Find someone who has created the kind of professional and personal life that you want and have the courage to take them out to lunch. In this new knowledge economy, the person who learns the most wins. Set “learning goals If you don’t learn you don’t grow and if you don’t grow you Rust. Most wise performers on the playing field of business set career, financial and personal goals but few set specific learning goals. Become indispensable The real secret of success is to be so good at what you do, that your Employer or Business will not be able to run without you. Be so good at what you do that you are the first person that all think of when they need advice. Be so good at what you do that you become indispensable. Then your success will be assured, since your services are indispensable Make time to think Why we do not even have time to think about the things that we are so busy about. When was the last time you went for a solitary walk in the woods and deeply reflected on the way you are working and living? When was the last time you took a few hours to gain some real clarity into where you want to be professional and personally five years from now? An idea awaits you. Knowing how to read and not doing so puts you in precisely the same position as someone who cannot read. We live in an age where ideas – not bricks and mortar – are the currency of success. One idea, well executed, can transform your team, your culture and your entire organization. Ironically, you just don’t know which book contains that one idea that will revolutionize your life. Work towards Leaving a legacy We all have a deep human hunger to be a part of something larger than ourselves. We all carry within us a core craving to do something important in our work lives and know that, at the end of the day, our energies have been invested in activities that have added value to the world and made a difference in people’s lives