5 Great Secrets of Success Napoleon Hill

13. THE SIXTH SENSE                       12. THE BRAIN
 7. DECISION                                      6. ORGANIZED PLANNING
 5. IMAGINATION                               4. SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE
 3. AUTO-SUGGESTION                      2. FAITH

Of which if you could practice these daily you could make wonders happen…

1.Be yourself  > God has made every human to be unique. We all  have a role to play in the advancement of humanity so there is  no need for anyone to try to be or live the dreams and  aspirations of other people. We are all blest with talents  suited to us and it is the d uty of every man and woman to know  his/her calling and go ahead to develop the talents and skill  needed for self-fulfillment.   We all live in an  interdependent world but for this interdependence to be useful  to the greater human good, we all need to declare our  independence so that you can effectively “be  yourself”.  

2. Goal Setting  >  To start, lets make the  important distinction between goals and wishes   A wish is just  something you want or would like to have but a goal is different  in that it is  characterized by clarity and strengthened by a deadline.


3. Persistence  > Persistence “is to talent what steam is to the engine”  says the Orison Swett Marden   a great deal of  persistency, with a very little talent, can be counted on to go  farther, than a great deal of talent without persistency  .state you goals clearly and develop a burning  desire to achieve them, develop a sound plan to get what you want and   work your plan -align your work with positive thoughts and block out negative influences

4. Autosuggestion >  It is the  simple act of repeating statements and affirmations relating to your goals.   One popular affirmation of Coue is: “Everyday, in everyway, I  am getting better and better”.  Say Regardless of what happens in my life I’ve decided to be happy



5. Believe and achieve  > Napoleon Hill listed faith as one of the 17  principles of success he gleaned from more than two decades of  research.