Quotes from The Power by Rhonda Byrne

Quotes from The Power   by Rhonda Byrne Lessons to Learn From The Power (The Secret’s Sequel)

1. You have all the power
2. Rhonda Byrne follows up her international bestseller, The Secret, by taking the power of positive thinking beyond the Law of Attraction in her latest book, The Power. Whether you are looking for a little nudge to help you seize the moment, follow your passion, or lead a more joyful life, Rhonda encourages us to take control of our feelings and frequency so that we can become the architects of our lives.
Without The Power you would not have been born. Without The Power, there wouldn’t be a single human being on the planet. Every discovery, invention, and human creation comes from The Power. Perfect health, incredible relationships, a career you love, a life filled with happiness, and the money you need to be, do, and have everything you want, all come from The Power.
3. “Life is supposed to be fun! When you’re having fun, you feel great and you receive great things! Having fun brings the life you want, and taking things too seriously brings a life you have
to take seriously.”
4. “Let go of the things you don’t love about your childhood, and keep the things you love. Let go of the things you don’t love about your adolescent and adult years, and keep the good things. Just keep the things you love about your whole life.”
5. “When you’re feeling joyful, you are giving joy, and you’ll receive back joyful
experiences, joyful situations, and joyful people, wherever you go. From the
smallest experience of your favorite song playing on the radio to bigger
experiences of receiving a pay raise — all of the circumstances you experiences
are the law of attraction responding to your feeling of joy.”
6. “Life isn’t happening to you;
life is responding to you.”
7. “Whatever you can imagine is waiting for you, fully created in
the invisible, and the way to make it visible is to harness the
force of love by imagining and feeling what you love.”
8. “Many people don’t know about the power of good feelings,
and so their feelings are reactions or responses to what
happens to them. They have put their feelings on automatic
pilot, instead of deliberately taking charge of them.”
9. “The more love you give in your day-to-day life, the greater the magnetic power of love you have in the field around you, and everything you want will fall at your feet.”
10. “Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because in any moment you can change the way you feel.”
11. “The difference between someone who is struggling and someone who has a fabulous life comes down to one thing — love. Those who have a great life imagine what they love and want, and they feel the love of what’s they’re imagining more than other people.”
12. “So how do you fall in love with life? The same way you fall in love with another person — you adore everything about them! You fall in love with another person by seeing only love, hearing only love, speaking only love, and by feeling love with all your heart! And that is exactly how you use the ultimate power of love in love with life.”
13. “Whatever is in your magnetic field is attracting to itself, and so the more love in your field, the more power you have to attract the things you love.”
14. “You are the driver of your mind, so take charge and keep it busy
with your instructions by telling it where you want it to go. Your
mind only takes off on its own if you are not telling it what to do.”
15. “When anything good happens
to you in your day, give thanks. It doesn’t matter how small it is, say thank you. When you get the perfect parking space, hear your favorite song on the radio, approach a light that turns green, or find an empty seat on the bus or train, say thank you. These are all good things that you are receiving from life.”
16. “Your imagination is more real that then the world you see, because the world you see comes from what you imagine and believe! What you believe and feel to be true is what will be your life.”
17. “Whatever story you tell, whether good or bad, will be the story of your life. So start telling the story of your amazing life, and the law of attraction must make sure you receive it.”
18. “If you’re not feeling good and you want to change the way you feel, or if you want to lift good feelings higher, then take a minute or two and god through a mental list of everything you love and adore. You can do it while getting dressed in the morning, walking, driving or traveling anywhere.”
19. “What does it mean to be healthy? You may think that being healthy means that you are not sick, but being healthy is far more than that. If you feel okay, or average, or nothing much at all, you are not healthy.”
20. “Being healthy is feeling the same way as little children feel. Little children are bursting with energy every day. Their bodies feel light and flexible; moving is effortless. They’re light on their feet. Their minds are clear; they’re happy, and free of worry and stress. They sleep deeply and peacefully every night, and they wake up feeling completely refreshed, as if with a brand-new body. They feel passionate and excited about every new day. Look at little children and you will see what being healthy really means. It is the way you used to feel, and it is the way you should still feel.”
21. “Whatever you believe about your body, your cells believe too. They don’t question anything you think, feel, or believe. In fact, they hear every thought, feeling, and belief you have.”
22. “If you think or say, ‘I always get jetlag when I travel,’ your cells receive ‘jetlag’ as a command, and they must carry out your instructions. Think and feel that you have a weight problem, and your cells receive the order of a weight problem. They must follow your instructions and keep your body in an overweight condition.”
23. “You are the ruler
of a kingdom, and whatever you think and feel becomes the law of your kingdom — the law within your body.”
24. “Gratitude is the great multiplier, so say thank you for your health every single day.”
25. “Before you eat food or drink water, look at what you’re about to eat or drink and feel love and gratitude. Make sure your conversations are positive when you are sitting down to a meal.”
26. “Remember it only takes giving love and good feelings a minimum of 51 percent of the time to reach the tipping point and change everything.”
27. Between The Secret and The Power, Rhonda focuses on the mental preparation needed to achieve our dream lives. If you are looking to reset your feelings and energy level, The Power
will help you do just that. Without making the commitment to eating healthier and incorporating consistent exercise into life, success will remain elusive, even for the most well-prepared mind

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