Robins’ Movement Maker’s Mindset 8 point framework

Movement Maker’s Mindset 8 point framework:
#1. Know Your Cause.We all need a powerful purpose to get us out of bed every morning and draw out the finest within us Once you find your compelling cause, begin to share it with your community so as to -give others hope + energy + drive.
#2. Relate to Your Base. We live in a world where people long for authenticity over artificiality. Be Human
#3. Rise to Original. flash your flagrant originality. Be Creative and innovative all the time
#4. Get Scary Good. .Become so ridiculously amazing at what you do that you’re the only one on the planet who can do what you do. . For those with the guts/dedication/discipline/monomaniacal focus and grit to put in the training/ learning/ iteration hours to reach world-class within their crafts, the rewards are immeasurable.
#5. Build in Virality. Sharing is to be integrated into the work. when you create the best user experience that is simple, elegant and wow-worthy,people are touched ,to the point where they need to share their experience with everyone they know.
#6. Protect the Brand. It could take you years to scale your movement and 30 seconds of bad judgement on a simple stupid sunny day to lose it all. we should have the discipline to say No as well as Yes..
#7. Remain Indispensable. Fine to lead your field for a year. What makes legendary is sustaining it for a lifetime. Massive disruption coming. Only the amazing will survive. Become absolutely indispensable to those who you have the privilege to serve.
#8. Always Give Back We all ache to serve. We all want to know our lives are making a +ve dent in the universe ; fulfill these dormant desires deep inside us with devotion and dedication deliberately.
With much respect + appreciation,
Robin Sharma

s k anilkumar
+966 564 475 637

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