All or none -leader

You do not need to be the top dog to make a difference. Leadership is not meant to be an all-or-nothing proposition.
some say “If I can’t be the captain of the team, then I’ll take my ball and go home.”  some  others define success as being “on top.” As a result, they believe that if they are not on top, they are not successful and become frustrated disillusioned, bitter, and cynical.
individuals can become better leaders wherever they are. Improve your leadership, and you can impact your organization. You can change people’s lives.
You can be someone who adds value. You can learn to influence people at every level of the organization—even if you never get to the top. By helping others, you can help yourself.
The first place to start is by learning to overcome the challenges
Being a leader stuck in the middle brings many challenges. You can learn to navigate them.
Learn the principles and skills to lead the people above, beside, and below you in the organization.


Leadership and freedom

Being the top leader doesn’t mean you have no limits. It doesn’t remove the lid from your potential. It doesn’t matter what job you do or what position you obtain; you will have limits. That’s just the way life is.
When you move up in an organization, the weight of your responsibility increases. In many organizations, as you move up the ladder, you may even find that the amount of responsibility you take on increases faster than the amount of authority you receive.
And you may now have to work with a number of different departments, each with its own problems, skill sets, and cultures. Good leaders go to their people, connect, find common ground, and empower them to succeed. So in some ways, leaders have less freedom as they move up, not more.
If you want to push the limits of your effectiveness, there is a better solution. Learning to lead will blow the lid off of your potential.

Leadership position and influence

Good leaders will gain in influence beyond their stated position. Bad leaders will shrink their influence down so that it is actually less than what originally came with the position. Remember, a position doesn’t make a leader, but a leader can make the position.
You may be able to grant someone a position, but you cannot grant him real leadership. Influence must be earned.
People who have no leadership experience have a tendency to overestimate the importance of a leadership title.


When real true wisdom is integrated with da6 to day life and that  reflects out in all our action, it becomes THE devotion