cupids arrow

when a bullet strikes you may fall dead
but not when cupids arrow strikes
instead you wake up the possibilities
as romance replaces remorse
illiterate become poets
uninitiated become artists
ignorant become wise
invalid becomes heroic
necessity is mother of invention
romance is cause of all action
everything is in thought
if you love you will be loved
everything is in mind
as all creations thoughts words feelings originate in mind
you realize what you visualize
cupid or not
arrow or not
if you dream determine dedicate and decide
then you definitely deserve success
love opens many doors
love brings lucky charms
love induces great efforts
love causes large sacrifices
love makes world go round
love makes life safe and sound
terror can make the world come down on its knees
love can make the world stay at your feet
spread love not war
spread love not hate
spread love not fear
spread love not pain
spread peace spread hope spread happiness
love for lifes sake love for loves sake
for love opens all doors
for love answers all questions
for love resolves all mysteries
for love solves all problems
fall in love with the world around
lets not fall into the dark world