Suitability Marital harmony

Cat and Dog gets married
crow and crane get wed
devil and divine marry each other
dog and donkey become man and wife
is it something wrong
is there something as THE RIGHT
how does it matter
what does it matter and why
if there is meeting of minds
if they can see ye to eye
if they add value to each other
if they bring peace to one another
if they can supplement and complement
if they see the stars and not thorns
if they are kind to virtues and blind to faults
the relationship will only flourish
and they will never perish
for class creed clan culture does little matter
and understanding, acceptance and tolerance only matter
if they cant see eye to eye
if they cant agree on many a silly thing
if they cant pursue each others well being
if they cant desist from destroying value
then there can be no consensus of minds
then there can be no agreement for togetherness
as long as they love each other over every thing else
as long as they love no questions asked they remain a family
as they remind blind to fault and kind to virtues
they remain man and wife
and will last for life
it doesnt matter whether one is
ant and other elephant
turtle and other is giraffe
wolf and other is lamb
palm and other is grass
you could celebrate life as man and wife all your life
if you pledge to add wholehearted value throughout life