dear ones who go abroad for better prospects
dear ones who go off shore for greener pastures
what will you bring back, what do you earn
will you fetch riches of yonder world for the dollars you earn
why waste away your life in far away land
what is lacking in your mother land
why do you want to waste your life in far off land in solitude
when you could enjoy your family and friends with gratitude
why blame caste and class struggles here
where ever you go you are second class citizens for sure
by going abroad to farther shores
is what you get really a gain, ( and not pain)
is what you earn really the wealth( and not loss of health)
from simple baldness to painful prostrate
from simple belonging-ness to painful divorces
what do you earn what do you gain
is the price you pay worth the prosperity you anticipate
yes you could construct one or more houses for your family
but could you have a life home or a family
yes you could pay for capitation for your grown up children
but could you enjoy the growing up of your children
yes you could pay for the hospital bills for your aging parents
but could you be by their bedside when they want you
is money cure for all ills
is money cause of all ills
you bring riches
kith and kin enjoy your fetches
people back home fake happiness
and you on vacation fake contentment
you are like fishermen on sea
and your folks are like fisher woman on shores
you struggling hard to make their life easy with money you bring
they worried all the while for your well being and safety and not money your bring
all said and done
due to limitations in opportunities
due to limitations in mindset of people
due to limitations in resources by all means

we expats
we have to live with this brain drain
we have to live in the drain without brain
or else it will not rain remittances,for home
or else it will not add forex balances, for country
howsoever small and little it may be
these are the only way we could be of some use ..
these are the only things that we now know to do for you