am i like you

am long as cobra
am tall as giraffe
am re silent as camel
am large as elephant
am powerful as alligator
am energetic as ant
am fast as cheetah
am swift as eagle
am soft as dove
am sharp as snake
am still am me
am still am not as you
i am me and you are you
and when will i be you
birds dont swift
fish dont fly
but i want to be you
and i just dont want to be me
i want to be you and nothing but you
i want to be you and nothing like me
am blind to by strengths
am envious of your abilities

i am i and i am not they
i am i and i am not you
you are you and you are not they
you are you and you are not me
this i dont understand agree appreciate or realize
thats why i say i can do as them
thats why i couldnt say i can do as me

after wasting most of life and many a opportunities of happiness

i know i cant fly
i know i shouldnt swim
i know i wouldnt be tall
i know i neednt be poisonous
i know i should be me
i know i shoulnt be you
what matters is how
harmless you are to society
helpful you are to community
your thoughts enrich world around
your actions empower others
it doesnt matter you couldnt be like them
it doesnt matter you are different
no attribute is good or bad
no attribute is big or small
all has its place
all has space
this i now know yes i know
comparison is strict no no