Divine, Demon, Man ?

Divine, Demon, Man ?

There were thunderstorms
it was raining snow balls
all around was lightening and floods
everything was un precedented
who caused this
what created this
when it all started
why the damage to life and property could be contained
Disaster it was
Recovery was afar
everyone cried
everybody decried

is it god who created the universe
is it devil who created the earth
is it man who created the world
who is it who caused all this damage

why are lives put on this world in first place
why are lives pushed into this ocean of sorrow
why doesnt man learn to coexist with the world
why doesnt man care for life on this world

who is man to question god or devil
who is man to cause destruction to whosoever s creation

men destroyed eco friendliness
men destroyed earths bio diversity
men destroyed environmental
men destroyed eco balance
men in his greed exploited
men in his callousness neglected
warnings were ignored
signals were missed
nature was forced to unleash its fury
for it lost ability to contain and restrain
Tsunamis and Tornadoes
Volcanoes and Violent Floods
these are going to be order of day
raising sea level
melting glaciers
drying ground water level
disheartening dissapearing rain forests
these are the truth of today
no forests to cause clouds
no water for lives to quench thirst
no air pure to breathe
no land fit to live
all this man presented to world
and then blamed god and demon for the disasters

we are to blame ourselves
and it doesnt end there
its not enough for us to stop further damage
we also need to repair the already done damage
lets plant more trees
lets harvest more rain water
lets contain carbon footprint
lets restrain non bio degradable wastes
lets put off toxics
lets refuse plastic
lets reduce fossil fuel
lets reuse water
lets recycle paper
lets reforest and afforest
if men dont act to save the earth and its species
nature will act and men wont be able to save themselves

if we do not act now
tomorrow will be too late
for we may not exist to blame
god or devil and lay claim
for the disasters that has befallen on us

lets start one at a time,
now and here, lets go green