Who’s the maker

dear maker
when i think of you
my eyes shed tears
my lips issue a smile
my mind cant remember any sorry
my brain couldn’t recall any hurdles
all troubles seem to have been washed of as clouds by storm
all pains seems to have been washed of as dust by rain
in spite of you having may forms and names
in spite of you being any where and every where
i used to encounter problems
and these dissolve moment i think of you
wanted to make a list of complaints to you
realized to note that on the thought of you all these melt away

who are you where are you what are you i know
but i know that without nothing is possible
but i now have capability to fathom your potential
but i now that u are just a call away
but i now know that you are inside in me

My thoughts words and deeds make my life
My thoughts words and deeds make my world
whatever a human mind conceives it achieves
i am the maker as i make my world
and thus the maker is in me