Ideal team player

Hi Anilkumar,
When it comes to hiring the right people, probably no manager can claim to have a perfect record. Mistakes happen all the time. But you can substantially increase your odds of success by looking beyond a candidate’s resume.
According to author Patrick Lencioni, a candidate’s skills, experience and accomplishments tell just part of the story. Equally important is whether he is “humble, hungry” and “people smart.”
In his popular 2016 book, The Ideal Team Player , Lencioni explains why an individual’s ability to function in a collaborative setting is as important as anything on his resume.
“Too often, leaders know that an employee really doesn’t belong and would be better elsewhere, and they fail to act because they lack courage,” Lencioni writes. “Many leaders who value teamwork … reluctantly hire self-centered people and then justify it simply because those people have desired skills.”