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How The Crying Bunny Faced Doom …
As the story goes…

One day an old wise bear and a young cub were walking through the forest.

It had recently stormed and they came about a huge pond of water. It wasn’t too deep for them to pass but they did spot a stranded and scared bunny shaking in front of the new pond.

The young cub said to the old wise bear, “Look, it’s a bunny. It’s trapped. It’s crying. It’s not moving. Let’s kill it!”

The old wise bear ignored the cub’s words and walked over to the bunny. He then picked it up, put it on his back, and crossed the pond all the way to the other side.

After that the bunny smiled and hopped down off the old wise bears’ back and excitedly scurried into the woods. From there the two bears continued their walk in silence until they reached the den and the rest of their pack.

Then later that night the young cub approached the wise old bear and asked, “Excuse me sir, but as bears aren’t we supposed to hunt, kill, and eat easy targets like that crying bunny today and not carry it to safety?”

The old wise bear answered while eating some berries for dinner, “Yes, young cub, I suppose we could’ve done that.”

Then the young cub asked the old wise bear again, “I’ve been thinking about this so much that I can’t even eat dinner. Why is it that you carried that bunny across the pond today?”

The old wise bear answered, “It’s true that I helped the bunny across the pond today,

I didn’t kill as it wasn’t necessary neither were we hungry

but you’re the one who is still carrying it around from the past and allowing it to affect your present and spoil you dinner and appetite. Let it go and we’ll see what comes of it tomorrow.”

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: As we aim to live as the most complete version of ourselves, sometimes we just need to show compassion and know the difference between being right or correct and being kind and nice and choose better

Life is nothing series of options that we exercise

Choose love as swadharma

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