How The Hikers Faced A Deadly Problem

This story consists of a PROBLEM, a QUESTION, A SOLUTION.


A long time ago deep in the forest Water, Fire and “X” went on a long hike.

As they started they had a safety conversation about what they would do if they ended up separated from one another and lost.

Water said, “If we get separated at any time just look for the dark green grass and I’ll be there.”

Fire said, “If we get separated at any time just look for the smoke and I’ll be there.”

Then “X” said, “Well, you better hope to never lose me because if you do you’ll have a big problem and you may never find me again.”


What is “X”?




Because if you lose trust you may never find it again. Trust is like a statue. Once it’s broken it can be fixed, but that statue will never be the same again. It’s original integrity is now dead.

The End.

MORAL OF THE STORY: We must all give trust. Earn trust. And live a trustworthy life. That’s a major aspect of living as the most complete version or ourselves.

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