Who’s the maker

dear maker
when i think of you
my eyes shed tears
my lips issue a smile
my mind cant remember any sorry
my brain couldn’t recall any hurdles
all troubles seem to have been washed of as clouds by storm
all pains seems to have been washed of as dust by rain
in spite of you having may forms and names
in spite of you being any where and every where
i used to encounter problems
and these dissolve moment i think of you
wanted to make a list of complaints to you
realized to note that on the thought of you all these melt away

who are you where are you what are you i know
but i know that without nothing is possible
but i now have capability to fathom your potential
but i now that u are just a call away
but i now know that you are inside in me

My thoughts words and deeds make my life
My thoughts words and deeds make my world
whatever a human mind conceives it achieves
i am the maker as i make my world
and thus the maker is in me

Peace pristine

Damsel of my dear life
determined am i to be with you
dedicated am i to get you you
desire i have to be enveloped by you
dead i will be if cant have you
dear damsel
do i still need food and water
dear life
do i still need wealth and wine
do i call you hope
do i call you contentment
do i call you truth
do i call you happiness
do i call you success
do i call you health of body mind and soul
dear damsel dear life
will you not be mine
why would you fly away like a butterfly among flower
why am made to chase you like this
why do you evade me
dear peace pristine
will you not be with me
dear peace pristine
will you not be mine
Shanti Shanthi Shantihi

Divine, Demon, Man ?

Divine, Demon, Man ?

There were thunderstorms
it was raining snow balls
all around was lightening and floods
everything was un precedented
who caused this
what created this
when it all started
why the damage to life and property could be contained
Disaster it was
Recovery was afar
everyone cried
everybody decried

is it god who created the universe
is it devil who created the earth
is it man who created the world
who is it who caused all this damage

why are lives put on this world in first place
why are lives pushed into this ocean of sorrow
why doesnt man learn to coexist with the world
why doesnt man care for life on this world

who is man to question god or devil
who is man to cause destruction to whosoever s creation

men destroyed eco friendliness
men destroyed earths bio diversity
men destroyed environmental
men destroyed eco balance
men in his greed exploited
men in his callousness neglected
warnings were ignored
signals were missed
nature was forced to unleash its fury
for it lost ability to contain and restrain
Tsunamis and Tornadoes
Volcanoes and Violent Floods
these are going to be order of day
raising sea level
melting glaciers
drying ground water level
disheartening dissapearing rain forests
these are the truth of today
no forests to cause clouds
no water for lives to quench thirst
no air pure to breathe
no land fit to live
all this man presented to world
and then blamed god and demon for the disasters

we are to blame ourselves
and it doesnt end there
its not enough for us to stop further damage
we also need to repair the already done damage
lets plant more trees
lets harvest more rain water
lets contain carbon footprint
lets restrain non bio degradable wastes
lets put off toxics
lets refuse plastic
lets reduce fossil fuel
lets reuse water
lets recycle paper
lets reforest and afforest
if men dont act to save the earth and its species
nature will act and men wont be able to save themselves

if we do not act now
tomorrow will be too late
for we may not exist to blame
god or devil and lay claim
for the disasters that has befallen on us

lets start one at a time,
now and here, lets go green

am i like you

am long as cobra
am tall as giraffe
am re silent as camel
am large as elephant
am powerful as alligator
am energetic as ant
am fast as cheetah
am swift as eagle
am soft as dove
am sharp as snake
am still am me
am still am not as you
i am me and you are you
and when will i be you
birds dont swift
fish dont fly
but i want to be you
and i just dont want to be me
i want to be you and nothing but you
i want to be you and nothing like me
am blind to by strengths
am envious of your abilities

i am i and i am not they
i am i and i am not you
you are you and you are not they
you are you and you are not me
this i dont understand agree appreciate or realize
thats why i say i can do as them
thats why i couldnt say i can do as me

after wasting most of life and many a opportunities of happiness

i know i cant fly
i know i shouldnt swim
i know i wouldnt be tall
i know i neednt be poisonous
i know i should be me
i know i shoulnt be you
what matters is how
harmless you are to society
helpful you are to community
your thoughts enrich world around
your actions empower others
it doesnt matter you couldnt be like them
it doesnt matter you are different
no attribute is good or bad
no attribute is big or small
all has its place
all has space
this i now know yes i know
comparison is strict no no


dear ones who go abroad for better prospects
dear ones who go off shore for greener pastures
what will you bring back, what do you earn
will you fetch riches of yonder world for the dollars you earn
why waste away your life in far away land
what is lacking in your mother land
why do you want to waste your life in far off land in solitude
when you could enjoy your family and friends with gratitude
why blame caste and class struggles here
where ever you go you are second class citizens for sure
by going abroad to farther shores
is what you get really a gain, ( and not pain)
is what you earn really the wealth( and not loss of health)
from simple baldness to painful prostrate
from simple belonging-ness to painful divorces
what do you earn what do you gain
is the price you pay worth the prosperity you anticipate
yes you could construct one or more houses for your family
but could you have a life home or a family
yes you could pay for capitation for your grown up children
but could you enjoy the growing up of your children
yes you could pay for the hospital bills for your aging parents
but could you be by their bedside when they want you
is money cure for all ills
is money cause of all ills
you bring riches
kith and kin enjoy your fetches
people back home fake happiness
and you on vacation fake contentment
you are like fishermen on sea
and your folks are like fisher woman on shores
you struggling hard to make their life easy with money you bring
they worried all the while for your well being and safety and not money your bring
all said and done
due to limitations in opportunities
due to limitations in mindset of people
due to limitations in resources by all means

we expats
we have to live with this brain drain
we have to live in the drain without brain
or else it will not rain remittances,for home
or else it will not add forex balances, for country
howsoever small and little it may be
these are the only way we could be of some use ..
these are the only things that we now know to do for you

Suitability Marital harmony

Cat and Dog gets married
crow and crane get wed
devil and divine marry each other
dog and donkey become man and wife
is it something wrong
is there something as THE RIGHT
how does it matter
what does it matter and why
if there is meeting of minds
if they can see ye to eye
if they add value to each other
if they bring peace to one another
if they can supplement and complement
if they see the stars and not thorns
if they are kind to virtues and blind to faults
the relationship will only flourish
and they will never perish
for class creed clan culture does little matter
and understanding, acceptance and tolerance only matter
if they cant see eye to eye
if they cant agree on many a silly thing
if they cant pursue each others well being
if they cant desist from destroying value
then there can be no consensus of minds
then there can be no agreement for togetherness
as long as they love each other over every thing else
as long as they love no questions asked they remain a family
as they remind blind to fault and kind to virtues
they remain man and wife
and will last for life
it doesnt matter whether one is
ant and other elephant
turtle and other is giraffe
wolf and other is lamb
palm and other is grass
you could celebrate life as man and wife all your life
if you pledge to add wholehearted value throughout life

cupids arrow

when a bullet strikes you may fall dead
but not when cupids arrow strikes
instead you wake up the possibilities
as romance replaces remorse
illiterate become poets
uninitiated become artists
ignorant become wise
invalid becomes heroic
necessity is mother of invention
romance is cause of all action
everything is in thought
if you love you will be loved
everything is in mind
as all creations thoughts words feelings originate in mind
you realize what you visualize
cupid or not
arrow or not
if you dream determine dedicate and decide
then you definitely deserve success
love opens many doors
love brings lucky charms
love induces great efforts
love causes large sacrifices
love makes world go round
love makes life safe and sound
terror can make the world come down on its knees
love can make the world stay at your feet
spread love not war
spread love not hate
spread love not fear
spread love not pain
spread peace spread hope spread happiness
love for lifes sake love for loves sake
for love opens all doors
for love answers all questions
for love resolves all mysteries
for love solves all problems
fall in love with the world around
lets not fall into the dark world