dear ones who go abroad for better prospects
dear ones who go off shore for greener pastures
what will you bring back, what do you earn
will you fetch riches of yonder world for the dollars you earn
why waste away your life in far away land
what is lacking in your mother land
why do you want to waste your life in far off land in solitude
when you could enjoy your family and friends with gratitude
why blame caste and class struggles here
where ever you go you are second class citizens for sure
by going abroad to farther shores
is what you get really a gain, ( and not pain)
is what you earn really the wealth( and not loss of health)
from simple baldness to painful prostrate
from simple belonging-ness to painful divorces
what do you earn what do you gain
is the price you pay worth the prosperity you anticipate
yes you could construct one or more houses for your family
but could you have a life home or a family
yes you could pay for capitation for your grown up children
but could you enjoy the growing up of your children
yes you could pay for the hospital bills for your aging parents
but could you be by their bedside when they want you
is money cure for all ills
is money cause of all ills
you bring riches
kith and kin enjoy your fetches
people back home fake happiness
and you on vacation fake contentment
you are like fishermen on sea
and your folks are like fisher woman on shores
you struggling hard to make their life easy with money you bring
they worried all the while for your well being and safety and not money your bring
all said and done
due to limitations in opportunities
due to limitations in mindset of people
due to limitations in resources by all means

we expats
we have to live with this brain drain
we have to live in the drain without brain
or else it will not rain remittances,for home
or else it will not add forex balances, for country
howsoever small and little it may be
these are the only way we could be of some use ..
these are the only things that we now know to do for you

Suitability Marital harmony

Cat and Dog gets married
crow and crane get wed
devil and divine marry each other
dog and donkey become man and wife
is it something wrong
is there something as THE RIGHT
how does it matter
what does it matter and why
if there is meeting of minds
if they can see ye to eye
if they add value to each other
if they bring peace to one another
if they can supplement and complement
if they see the stars and not thorns
if they are kind to virtues and blind to faults
the relationship will only flourish
and they will never perish
for class creed clan culture does little matter
and understanding, acceptance and tolerance only matter
if they cant see eye to eye
if they cant agree on many a silly thing
if they cant pursue each others well being
if they cant desist from destroying value
then there can be no consensus of minds
then there can be no agreement for togetherness
as long as they love each other over every thing else
as long as they love no questions asked they remain a family
as they remind blind to fault and kind to virtues
they remain man and wife
and will last for life
it doesnt matter whether one is
ant and other elephant
turtle and other is giraffe
wolf and other is lamb
palm and other is grass
you could celebrate life as man and wife all your life
if you pledge to add wholehearted value throughout life

cupids arrow

when a bullet strikes you may fall dead
but not when cupids arrow strikes
instead you wake up the possibilities
as romance replaces remorse
illiterate become poets
uninitiated become artists
ignorant become wise
invalid becomes heroic
necessity is mother of invention
romance is cause of all action
everything is in thought
if you love you will be loved
everything is in mind
as all creations thoughts words feelings originate in mind
you realize what you visualize
cupid or not
arrow or not
if you dream determine dedicate and decide
then you definitely deserve success
love opens many doors
love brings lucky charms
love induces great efforts
love causes large sacrifices
love makes world go round
love makes life safe and sound
terror can make the world come down on its knees
love can make the world stay at your feet
spread love not war
spread love not hate
spread love not fear
spread love not pain
spread peace spread hope spread happiness
love for lifes sake love for loves sake
for love opens all doors
for love answers all questions
for love resolves all mysteries
for love solves all problems
fall in love with the world around
lets not fall into the dark world


whats love and romance – undefined feeling
whats attraction and infatuation – unclassified expressions
whats tears and pain -unusual emotions
whats care and concern -uncalled behaviours
assumptions and presumptions -arent they illusions
fact and opinions -arent they statistics
for me you are
the rainbow among rainclouds
the diamond among minestones
the sun among stars
the hope among attributes
its you for sure,
for me its you, for sure,
my tears may be salty sweet or sour
my fears may be unsubstantiated ,not sure
my love is un adulterated ,am sure
my life with you is incomplete , and you are the only cure ambiguities are antiques here



your voice – is reminder of all seven notes
your sight – is reminder of all seven hues
your words -a sweet melody
your movements- a dance
your gait- most beautiful sight
no no am not blind and deaf
no no am not mad and invalid
yes am in love
yes am blown away
am pleased be your around
am blessed to see and hear the sound

many do realize the value when only lost
any price would pay to see you are not lost
youth dear
long to be with you for ever

I am overwhelmed

I am overwhelmed by

rain drops falling
flowing river
waves hitting the shore
breeze from valley
sunset against clear blue sky
moonlit night
starfilled night sky
snow capped peaks
green valleys
flowers blooming in spring

and many such things
i did consider as gems of beauty
its you
my dear child
its you smiling at me
its you hugging me
its you
thats more beautiful than any of these
i can keep searching for every
and will find
nothing sweeter than you
yes i am overwhelmed

May be

May be you regularly conveyed to
the breeze your love for me
the clouds your romantic feelings on me
the rivers about your longing for me
bees and flowers your waiting for me

these messages could not reach me,as i am in
no contact with fine breeze or clouds
no communication with fowers or flies
no touch with river or sea
as am lonely in a far away dry desert

my heart and mind does wonder and ponder as to
how do you do
what you may be aching for
why couldnt we communicate
when will we be together
am filled with questions so many as these
and am perturbed with answers for none of these

for some more time please bear
all our problems we shall together steer clear
darling dear
have no fear
shortly i will be near
shed no tear
all is going to be well now and here